A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Warg: Base Coward

In my last post I talked about embracing the inevitable rage that will be directed against you as a warg and today I’m going to expand on that and discuss what sort of attitude you should have …

Playing a warg successfully requires a certain mentality, it requires you to play like an opportunist and a complete coward. Yes I said coward.

Let’s get something straight here, you are not playing a noble hero defending the weak and seeking glory. No, you are playing a ravenous beast that stalks in the shadows and hunts down the weak. You are playing a predator and you need to act like one.

For one thing drop any ideas you may have of certain targets being ‘out of bounds’ e.g. low level freeps, people suffering from lag, etc. These are not only fair game these are in fact your preferred targets! Now you see why I said you are playing a coward?

Just like a lion or a wolf you are looking for the old, lame and sick members of the herd. The targets you pick out should be the weakest opponents you can find. They should be the sort of opponents who are about to keel over of their own accord anyway, you are just there to give them a push.

Why should you act this way? Because wargs are not built to act any other way. You are not a tank, you can’t hang in a fight very long as you have neither the armour, the morale nor the mitigations. Equally your dps is not sustainable, you are a burst dps machine and after a short while you will simply not be able to keep damaging an opponent. You have no ‘oh shit’ buttons to keep you in a fight. Yes you have panic buttons to get you out of there, but not to keep you fighting. Hence you must fight like a coward.

So what does this mean in practice? Find out in part II


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