A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Warg: Base Coward Part II

I talked about the idea behind fighting like a coward in part I, but here I will give you some practical examples of this fighting style that you can use in-game.

Before I do, however, let me make something clear, the idea behind ‘fighting like a coward’ isn’t to annoy people or to try and be ‘lame’, but rather to play to the class’ strengths.

Snipe and Run

This is a tried and tested, if very boring, tactic. It will also not result in very much infamy compared with other strategies, but it is reliable.

The idea here is very simple, you lie in wait a short distance from a creep vs freep battle and you watch for freeps that have taken a pounding running to the back of their own raid for safety. They will be running there because they think it is a safe zone where they can regen morale and power. So when you see a freep with 1k morale left running to the back, it’s your time to run in and finish them off and then get the hell out of there before the rest of the freeps even realise you are there.


Any freep below level 65 is prime warg food and the lower the level the better! Not only will they have less morale than a level capped freep they will be missing skills, have a much harder time evading, parrying etc your attacks because of the level difference and they will be a lot less sure of how their class works. In other words they are free infamy.

If you ever see a low level freep in the ettens you should consider him/her your prime target. It doesn’t matter what class it is, even a Guardian, because if they are 10 or so levels below you they will go down very fast regardless.

Lagtastic Laggers

Someone who has actually crashed out of the game isn’t attackable and that isn’t what I mean here, rather I am talking about those freeps that are experiencing lag and thus not able to move as well as they should. If you are following a group of freeps it should be easy to spot anyone lagging because they will tend to rubber band a bit or otherwise not keep up with the other freeps as well. If you see that make sure you mark that freep up because he is going to have a very hard time fighting you off if he can barely move!


Any freep daft enough to have gone afk anywhere except Glan Vraig is a sitting target. Imagine watching a nature documentary and an antelope just sitting in the middle of the savannah and not moving an inch. The lions would have a field day! And so will you!

Freeps sometimes go afk for all sorts of reasons and will park themselves in various locations, most likely inside a freep controlled keep or Elf Camp. No problem for a warg though, we have stealth! Sneak in, burn them down fast (they won’t be fighting back so it should be quick) and get out before the NPCs you’ve aggroed have killed you.

The Orc Shuffle

Orcs are a helpful lot and especially for the sneaky warg! Bridge farms can be a nightmare for wargs because there isn’t a huge amount you can do other than to sit and watch it. Well almost nothing …

When you see the inevitable freep who just has to charge out that little bit farther run in pounce him and run out. The orcs will finish him off for you without you having to risk getting caught up in the bridge zerg.


This is a dirty trick indeed, but highly effective. If you come across another creep getting his arse kicked by a freep don’t rush in to save him if there is no chance he is going to survive. Instead make his death into an advantage for yourself!

The freep(s) won’t have seen you and they will most likely have just burned a cooldown or two taking down the creep they were fighting. So once he dies and the freep is smiling smugly to himself you run in and pounce him when his morale is still good and low. A weakened freep will put up a lot less resistance and you get some nice easy infamy after someone else has done most of the work for you!

The Door Pounce

This is probably the single most effective strategy a warg can use and it is incredibly simple to boot. When the main creep raid is taking or defending a keep you park yourself in front of the gate or in the ground floor hall and wait for any freeps that come riding in. For some reason freeps keep riding into keeps in ones and twos rather than in groups so you should have very easy pickings.

The best part of this strategy is that because the freeps will be trying to get upstairs in the keep they usually won’t stay and fight you, they will just keep running! With Crippling Bite and stuns at your disposal this is a dream come true for a warg and unless it’s a Guardian you can pretty much kill everything that runs past you.

Shark Attack

This strategy only works in a pack and I have mentioned it before on this blog. Like most warg strategies it is pretty simple, but incredibly effective if you can pull it off.

You need a group of freeps to either be on a bridge or on top of a cliff or some other height. The pack positions themselves underneath the bridge or at the bottom of the cliff whilst one warg charges the freeps and pounces one. Now this is the hardest part because the warg that does the pouncing has to make it look realistic, the freeps have to believe it is a genuine attack by one warg and not a trap by the pack. The attacking warg will probably have to let his morale drop a bit before he jumps down.

Hopefully a freep or two jumps down after him thinking they will finish him off for an easy kill. That’s when the rest of the pack strikes at the jumping freeps who have just broken their legs and can no longer parry, block or evade.

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