A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Raid

Running with the visibles …

A warg in a raid is not the same as a warg in a pack, in fact it is the complete opposite in many respects. I’ve outlined the main differences below:

The Pack

Pack Mentality – the pack acts as one
Do What You’re Told – independent thought generally discouraged

The Raid

Wargs used as scouts separate from the main body of the raid
Wargs expected to act independently & under their own initiative

In a pack every single warg acts as one, you move as a single entity, you attack the same target, you use the exact same attack as each other at the exact same time, you stop attacking at the same time, etc. In some respects it’s a hive mind, a single entity.

In a raid the opposite is true, the wargs are expected to act as independent agents separate from the raid. In that respect you will be used as a scout to search for the freeps and shadow them across the map reporting their position, their numbers, etc. It goes beyond that though because you will be expected to act on your own iniative when the raid engages the freeps, picking out your own targets separate from the RAT.

Note: This should be assumed to be the default status of a warg in a raid, however, if the raid leader tells you to act alongside the raid you should then adopt normal raiding protocol.

Raid Duties

Scout – Use maps & stealth to quickly travel across the map checking on keeps to see if they are being attacked, raid leader will often assign a particular warg to a certain keep.

Spy – When freeps have been found you shadow them and report their position to the raid leader. You will also be taking note of their numbers, prominent players present who might be leading or acting as RAT, class composition, who the healers are, etc.

Agent Provocateur – When the fight begins your job is to harrass the tactical classes and Hunters, but primarily the healers. Note the use of the word ‘harrass’, if you can get a kill great, but the main goal is to stun, silence and power drain the healers and otherwise force them to move around so that they have a harder time healing. You will also be looking to strike at the Lore-masters and Hunters should they be posing a major problem.

In doing this you make quick strikes, run in, strike, run out. There will be aoe, sticky tar, fire pools and ice clouds so you absolutely MUST NOT stay still for too long. Move away once you have struck and wait to re-stealth and then move back in for another hit.

Vanguard – If the creep raid is wiping I usually immediately go into ‘rescue mode’. This is when you look to do what you can to save any fleeing creeps, but don’t put your own safety at risk, only help if you can do so without being killed yourself. You are about to take on another job …

Scout – As the creep or freep raid wipes you revert back to your initial role, finding the enemy and keeping track of them until another fight breaks out.

Important Raiding Points For Wargs

Do have a good supply of all pots as you will find yourself frequently rooted, stunned or mezzed during raid fights. Your job is getting in and out of the fight quickly so you need to be able to break out of these.

Do eat food before a raid fight, the extra morale and power you get will be invaluable as you wade through a pool of fire to reach that mincer.

Do use your own iniative, the raid leader is not going to tell the wargs which targets to pick, you need to assess who needs to be hit the most.

Do keep an eye on the RAT, although you don’t normally have to follow it, sometimes you can be the one who gets the killing blow on a RAT target that has manged to slip to the back of the freep raid with half his health.

Do Not hang in the fight, your job is to make life difficult for the healers, not to be a frontline soldier.

Do Not give into sentementality, if your friend or kinmate is healing the freep raid he has to be taken out of commission just like anyone else.

Do Not waste Sprint or Disappear if you are tracked whilst shadowing the freeps, always try a normal unstealth/re-stealth first. Only use your escape skills if you absolutely have to.

You’re Not Liked

Because of the role you take on, amongst other reasons, you are going to be pretty high on the freeps target list, even if you are a low ranked warg that nobody has ever heard of. The freeps love to kill wargs and they will go to extraordinary lengths to kill a warg, even if there is an easier target present. This is especially true of well known wargs, I have had an entire freep raid wipe itself just to kill me.

There isn’t much you can do about this, it comes with the territory. What you can do is use it to your advantage. Often the site of a warg at the back of a creep raid can be enough of a diversion to mean that poorly disciplined Hunters and RKs will switch from the freep RAT to yourself.


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