A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Pack

Run with your brothers …

Running with the pack can be very fun, but there are some rules to follow for a successful hunt.

1) Follow the Paw! The leader of the pack will typically mark himself with a Paw, you do as he says, when he says and how he says. This isn’t a raid full of orcs, the warg pack is an exercise in pack mentality efficiency. If you are told to jump you should already know how high.

2) If you are tracked i.e. you get the message ‘You feel as though you are being followed’ you immediately inform the rest of the pack and move AWAY from the pack. When at a safe distance unstealth and re-stealth to break the track.

3) DO NOT POUNCE a target unless told to do so by the Paw. The Paw will usually Pounce himself and expect you to use Maul on the target. NEVER POUNCE BURGLARS!

4) Don’t broadcast the locations of freeps in OOC or public channels unless told to do so by the Paw. The freeps you find are for the pack, not for the orcs.

5) Help your packmates where possible, If one is being chased by freeps try and stun the persuers if you think you can and get away yourself, either by running or using Sprint/Disappear. You are not expected to sacrifice yourself to save someone who is almost certainly going to die.

6) Don’t pull NPCs! If you pull NPCs the whole pack won’t be able to re-stealth.

7) Have voice enabled. You don’t need to have a mic, but the leader will often be giving instructions over voice so please have it activated when joining.

Those are the basic rules of the pack, but to get the most out of a pack you will need to modify your behaviour a little from solo play.


The first thing to note is that there will be a RAT and you will be expect to follow it unless told not to. The RAT is very important in the pack because you will be taking down targets primarily through the use of DoTs from Maul. This means that EVERYONE in the pack has to be hitting the same target at the same time and getting those DoTs on it.

Once the target has been chosen you go for that target until the Paw tells you otherwise. If that means that you die then you die. You don’t abandon the target unless the Paw tells you to or it is clear that the target is not going to die AND that the pack is going down.

Stay Focused

Just because you are in stealth doesn’t mean that you can go wandering all over the place without being noticed. Freeps do have a chance to spot you, espeically those with high stealth detection like Lore-masters. When in a pack make sure you are following the Paw and not wandering off on your own because if you are spotted it could cost the pack a kill or even put the whole pack at risk.


If you have the Rank 5 skill ‘Rallying Howl’ do not use it unless told to do so by the Paw. The animation means you are ‘stuck’ for 3-4 seconds, which means you are vulnerable for 3-4 seconds. This can obviously be fatal in certrain situations so only use this ability when instructed. Sometimes after a kill the pack will just be looking to get out of there, not hang around for a heal.

Disappear Is For You, Sprint Is For The Pack

The Disappear skill can be used at your discretion in a pack. If you need to use it for whatever reason feel free.

The Sprint skill should be kept in case the pack needs you to run down a freep. Obviously if you NEED to use it to escape then do so, but try not to use it for anything else.

Watch The Debuffs

When attacking a freep be mindful of the debuffs the pack is using. It’s fine to use Crippling Bite if you want, but don’t Pounce unless told to do so, the Paw will usually Pounce first so don’t waste your’s. NEVER POUNCE BURGLARS! Feel free to use silences, power drains or whatever else, but try and not duplicate unstackable effects e.g. don’t waste a silence on an already silenced target.

Watch Out For Creeps

Don’t hang around visible creeps for the same reason you don’t want to hang around freeps – it compromises the pack. Get out of their way whenever possible.


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