A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Fight – A Simple Guide

Once found the prey must be engaged …

For the sake of simplicity I have presented two scenarios below to demonstrate skill use, but please note that these scenarios are very simplistic and only meant to give you a general idea.

Scenario 1 – The Lone Freep

You are out hunting alone and spot a lone freep wandering around. Tracking your quarry from stealth you creep up behind him and use your ‘Sudden Pounce’ to stun him for a few seconds. Whilst the target is stunned you apply ‘Crippling Bite’ to slow your target and then ‘Maul’ to deal damage and apply a DoT. Once the target awakens you proceed to hit the target with ‘Claws’ and ‘Maul’ until you see the anti-stun icon disappear from your initial stun. Once this has disappeared you use ‘Pounce’ again since the target has your ‘Crippling Bite’ debuff active, which means you might stun him again. You repeat this procedure until the target is dead.

Scenario 2 – The Pack

You are part of a small warg pack stalking a lone freep out in the Moors. The leader of the pack nominates himself to make the initial ‘Sudden Pounce’ to stun the target and orders everyone else to use ‘Bloody Maul’. You wait for the leader to stun the target and then use ‘Bloody Maul’ before spamming ‘Claws’ and ‘Maul’. The leader will apply ‘Crippling Bite’ and attempt to stun the target again when appropriate to do so, you continue to spam your damage skills whilst doing your best to get behind the target as you will do more damage when attacking from behind.

In both scenarios the procedure is basically the same:

  • Stun target
  • Apply slow
  • Apply DoT
  • Spam Claws/Maul
  • Re-Stun
  • Spam Claws/Maul

Note that in neither scenario do you use ‘Savage Fangs’ to apply a bleed since this will remove the ‘Crippling Bite’ debuff, which will not only mean the target is no longer slowed, it will also mean the target cannot be re-stunned by using Pounce until ‘Crippling Bite’ is re-applied.

Also note that attacking from behind the target deals more damage. This is hard to do in a 1 vs 1 situation, but in a pack situation get behind the target unless of course the target is attacking you, in which case stand in front of him and allow the rest of the pack to get behind.

That’s the basics of warg combat, there are some additional rules, but we’ll get to them in the advanced combat section and class specific sections later on. For now those basic rules should steer you right.

What If It Goes Wrong?

This is what you have Sprint for. If the target is getting the better of you or something goes wrong e.g. more freeps show up then you need to escape. Don’t try and hang around too long because you aren’t built for it, you are built for quick kills, not a sustained firefight.

Using Sprint is as much a matter of timing as it is actually pressing the button. You have to know when to use it because you don’t want to waste the cooldown if you don’t have to. This is something that really only comes with experience, you learn to know your limits and when you are approaching the point of no return. Remember, you are looking for the moment when you can no longer win the fight, but when you still have enough juice left to actually get away i.e. there is no point in hitting Sprint if you have 100 morale left and 5 Hunter DoTs on you!

Once you have hit Sprint make sure you do two things: i) run away from the freeps and ii) put some sort of cover between yourself and your pursuers. Cover is anything that breaks their line of sight e.g. trees, walls, pillars, rocks, etc. You don’t want to be mezzed or rooted whilst trying to escape so make sure you make it hard for them to target you. Duck and weave and use the landscape to your advantage, going over a hill works just as well as going behind a wall, as long as the freeps can’t see you it’s all good!


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