A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Solo Or Pack?

The age old question for the warg! It’s not an easy question to answer either because everyone has their own preferred play style of course, but sometimes new wargs want to now which gives more infamy or which will teach them their skills faster, etc. I’m not going to get too deeply into the debate here because that would simply take up too much space, but I will give you an overview of both so that perhaps you can amke up your own mind.

Going It Alone

Soloing as a warg means not being part of a pack, but it doesn’t mean that you stay away from other creeps entirely. You can be solo whilst helping out a group of creeps attacking a group of freeps, for example. On the other hand some wargs prefer the solitude of truly going solo and wandering around the Moors looking for freeps with no other creeps in sight.

More Infamy – Killing a freep by yourself will give you more infamy than doing so with more than one creep. Typically a completely solo kill will net you somewhere between 100-200 infamy depending upon the freep in question. Even if other creeps do help you kill a freep, as long as you are not grouped, you will still typically gain 30-70 infamy per kill depending upon how much damage you did to the freep in relation to the creeps helping you. Now this might all sound great, but remember a solo kill is usually harder because you have no back-up and no one to heal you so your rate of freep killing may not be very fast resulting in less infamy gained over time even though individual kills give you more.

Peace & Quiet – Sometimes you can’t be bothered listening to people chat away on voice chat or bashing out rubbish in fellowship chat and going solo can be very relaxing. The warg is well suited to this because you can roam at will around the map in complete peace and quiet until you hear the thunder of hooves …

Skill – Killing a free all by yourself is probably your biggest test of skill because not only do you have no one else to rely on, you also have no one else to blame if it doesn’t succeed. This is a good way for you to quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work, but your margin for error will be much less with no back-up.

Bros Before Ho … Er Freeps

Running with the pack can be great fun and it does mean you have some company whilst you play, which many people enjoy. Some warg packs are very small, perhaps just three or four strong, whilst others can be as large as a full raid. Most, however, are between six and twelve strong.

More Kills – This is one of the biggest advantages of running with your warg brothers, your ability to kill freeps at a faster rate. You won’t get as much infamy from each kill, but by killing more freeps in the same amount of time you may find it balances out with solo kills or more likely exceeds what you would have earned if you had gone solo (especially if you are a low ranked warg).

Company – Simply put you may enjoy some company whilst you play and there can be some fun chats during the course of a pack. You also gain the opportunity to make new friends!

Skill – Like the solo warg learning on the job the pack warg also has the opportunity to learn from his experience. Higher ranked wargs in your pack will often be able to give you invaluable tips as well as steering you towards effective stratgeies.

At the end of the day it’s a personal choice and neither is better than the other. Indeed you will probably find yourself alternating between the two styles of play. Sometimes there won’t be a pack up for you to join whilst at other times a heavy freep presence might mean you have to abandon solo play for a while. Whichever you choose remember to have fun (and kill as many freeps as you can!).


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