A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Know Yourself – The Strengths & Weaknesses of the Warg

Before you can take your prey you must first understand yourself; your strengths and your weaknesses …


Stealth – This is your single biggest advantage as a warg, it is your greatest asset and your most powerful skill. Beyond the obvious benefit of allowing you to move about unseen it gives you something no other creep class has … the ability to choose your fights.

You can pick whom and when you strike and this is something not to be underestimated. However, this ability requires patience to use, you need to wait and watch for your target making a mistake or getting into just the right position. Used correctly this ability to choose and setup a fight can prove very effective.

Speed – As a warg you get various boosts to your speed, both in and out of combat. Out of combat you can trait to move relatively quickly, even in stealth, which is something that Burglar’s can’t do easily. Out of stealth you will run faster than any almost any other creep and faster than most freeps on foot. In stealth you will be faster than Burglars when they use stealth and can easily keep up with other freeps.

Wargs are able to boost their running speed to 200% both in and out of combat for 20 seconds. This makes you the fastest player class in the game for those 20 seconds and, even in stealth, you can out run anyone else, even a freep on horseback.


Squishy – Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a tank or can stand toe to toe with a god freep player just because you soloed that Hunter. You are very much a squishy class and should behave accordingly.

Wargs are built for burst damage; you run in, do your damage and you get out as quickly as you can. In a protracted fight your power will wear down, your morale drop, and you will die. Wargs have no panic button that will keep them in a fight, sure they have panic buttons that will take out of danger, but that’s not the same as lasting longer in battle.

Hated – Wargs are almost universally hated by freep players. This stems from wargs being a stealth class and, as is so often the case in MMOs, stealth classes are the ones most despised by the opposing team. The same is true of Burgs, they are hated on the creep side for the same reasons. You need to be aware of this fact because it will have a big impact upon your gameplay.

Entire freep raids have been known to wipe themselves just trying to kill one warg (it happened to me!). Freep players will often go out of their way to kill a warg even when there is another easier target present. This means you have to strike when you are confident of success and not take silly risks, because one mistake on your part and the freeps will do everything they can to kill you.


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