A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Know Your Enemy – Class Specifics

Each enemy is different, know them all …

Burglar – The first rule when dealing with Burglars is NEVER STUN A BURGLAR! If you do they can use a skill that not only immediately snaps them out of the stun, but heals them and increases their evade chance by 50%.

You want to keep as many DoTs on them as long as possible since even if they stealth they might still die or be broken out of stealth by the DoT.

Burglar’s usually hunt in packs so soloing what looks to be a lone Burglar is more often than not a bad idea. Also, if you see a lone freep chances are a burg or six are nearby.

Captain – The Captain is no threat to you, they do weak dps and have no real capacity to harm you in a 1 vs 1 fight. They can last a while so keep them stunned and silenced as much as possible. If you have the skill ‘Rabid Bite’, which drains power, use it on them.

Champion – They do impressive damage so make sure you have a morale pot, but they are also pretty squishy. Treat them as you would treat a Captain.

Guardian – This is the hardest class for a warg to take on. They can reflect your stuns back at you as a conjunction and they can last a long time, possibly simply wearing you down.

Keep them silenced, use Rabid Bite to drain power if you have it and try and keep them stunned. Make sure DoTs are kept up.

Might want to avoid at lower ranks.

Hunter – Free Infamy. Stay in melee range and use silence and power drain if you have it. A good Hunter will try and fear you, most don’t. Use a root pot if they root you.

Lore-master – Very dangerous to solo if it’s a good player behind the toon, especially for a low ranked warg. They have a lot of stuns and cc and even with diminishing returns you may find yourself dead very quickly. Conversely if you use a pot to break the stun early this can panic them.

The best tactic is to keep them silenced and stunned as often as possible. This isn’t easy as they have anti-stun, which prevents stuns and cures silences. Like the Hunter keep in melee range and make sure you use any interrupt skills if you see them performing an induction because all LM inductions will end very badly for you.

NOTE: Always ignore the pet in a 1 vs 1 fight unless you are near friendly NPCs that you can drag it to.

Minstrel – Similar to Captains in terms of staying power. Keep them silenced and use Rabid Bite to drain power if you have it. Remain in melee range and keep them stunned. Watch out for fears.

Runekeeper – Similar to Hunter in that you NEED to keep in melee range or you are dead. Try and keep them stunned and silenced and use Rabid Bite if possible. If slowed don’t be afraid to use Sprint to get into melee range and don’t be afraid to use Disappear to buy yourself an extra stun or to stop the fight before they build up enough attunement to use Epic Conclusion.

Warden – They can last a while, but ultimately don’t do enough dps to kill you as long as you keep them silenced/stunned. Rabid Bite is great to use on Wardens as it makes their already serious power problems even worse.

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