A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Fancy Footwork

Discretion is the better part of valour …

Because wargs are hated so much on the freep side if you are caught and killed it can be a real mark of distinction for the freep that gets the killing blow. This is why it is so important to escape rather than fight to the death. Better to escape and deny a freep a killing blow on you than to sacrifice yourself just so some Hunter can feel smug.

The Great Escape

The following are some tips for escaping sticky situations:

1) Make sure you have at least one escape skill off cooldown before going into combat and preferably both.

2) Find your ‘sweet spot’. This is the point at which you know you cannot win a fight, but have just enough morale left to be able to escape. This takes practice to do right and will of course vary every time since no two situations will be exactly the same.

3) When using Disappear remember that any DoTs on you will break you out of stealth after the 10sec grace period is up. You have 10sec to get as far away from your attackers as you can if you have a DoT on you.

4) When using Sprint actually move away from the freeps and use cover to your advanatge. You want to break the freeps’ line of sight (LOS) so they can’t mezz/root/hit you. Weave in and out of trees, get behind walls, run over hills, etc.

5) Don’t jump off heights unless you absolutely have to; you’ll break your legs, which will leave you unable to parry or evade as well as slowing you and Sprint does NOT negate that slow!

6) Avoid running through deep water because you will move slower if you have to swim and remember that wargs, being shorter, have to swim in much shallower water than men or elves.

7) Keep an eye on whether you are being tracked or not. If you are pop in and out of stealth if possible to shake off the tracks. If there are freeps close behind stay in stealth as not all of them will be able to see you and thus not all are able to hit you. Try and get somewhere where you can unstealth and re-stealth as soon as possible.

8 ) Know where you are going! Don’t just blindly run about, aim for the safety of a creep raid or friendly NPCs. You might not have to actually get that far to shake off your persuers, but you should be heading in that direction in case you do.

9) Make sure you have plenty of stun and root pots at all times. These are not only invaluable during a fight, but they can often mean the difference between escape and death. A Hunter root or a LM mezz can quickly stop a sprinting warg dead in their tracks. A quick pot has you on your way again.

10) If you are in serious trouble don’t stop to help that unfortunate orc being ganked by the RK Death Machine. His death is diverting attention from you so make use of it!

Note: My own personal record is lost to the mysts of time, but I believe it was around 27 morale.


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