A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


One of the most common things you will hear as a warg is that you are an ‘easy moder’ or ‘ezmoder’ as some might say. This is usually said by a freep in frustration after having been killed by a warg pack and it seems to be a view that has stuck with some. Lets’ take a proper look at this view though and see whether it holds up or not …

The first thing to say is that people see what they want to see. You may just have killed that group of freeps with your 12 man warg pack and lost 3 wargs in the process, but the freeps will not see that. Instead they will only see the 9 wargs that didn’t die. They will ignore the kills they managed to get and instead focus on the fact that they died. Hence those wargs are ‘ezmode’.

Similarly the freeps that you kill will often assume that their defeat was the culmination of a perfectly executed warg strategy, in which everything went smoothly with barely any effort from the wargs. What they don’t see is the other dozen times you failed to get any kills or when someone was tracked and the attack aborted or when someone didn’t follow the Paw and ruined the attack or when a freep used a sprint or a brand or some other escape mechanism and foiled the warg attack. No, they will only see their own defeat and again that makes those wargs ‘ezmode’.

In fact playing a warg is far from easy and far from constant excitement. If you are a raiding warg then most of your time will probably be spent scouting and missing the actual battles. If you are a solo warg most of your time will be spent hunting for freeps and waiting patiently (sometimes bored) for a freep to make a mistake. If you run in a pack you will probably die a fair bit given the limited healing and no rezzes wargs have.

It’s the pack nature combined with stealth that earns the ‘ezmode’ tag, but that’s not fair. Wargs operate in packs because it plays to the warg’s strengths better than any other strategy. The warg is a rather paltry class when alone, with neither heavy armour, huge dps or any real survival skills to prolong a fight. Hence wargs run in packs to find safety in numbers and effect kills more successfully through teamwork.

It’s not ‘ezmode’, it’s just common sense.


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