A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Embrace the Rage

So you’re playing a warg … people will tell you that you need patience and various other virtues, but one that you will definitely need in abundance is a thick skin. A very thick skin.

Wargs are almost universally hated. That’s a fact. Part of it stems from the fact that wargs are a stealth class and stealth classes in any pvp situation tend to come in for a lot of flack. Burglars engender hate on the creep side too remember, but for some reason wargs seem to surpass even the Burglars in terms of being loathed. To deal with this hate we must first understand it.

As I said wargs are a stealth class and that means that they will often pop out and attack freeps when they are least expecting it. This can lead to people getting frustrated, especially when they are attacked whilst thinking they were safe.

However, there is another aspect to wargs that increases the animosity towards themselves … the pack. A pivotal part of warg tactics centres around the idea of the pack, a group of wargs who act as one and take down targets through force of numbers.

For wargs this is often seen as a necessity since wargs by themselves are relatively weak, even at higher levels, whether freeps like to admit that or not. The pack provides strength and safety for the warg, especially the lower ranks. However, when a pack of six or more, not to say anything of full twenty four man warg packs, jumps out and ‘ganks’ a lone freep it does look very one sided and incredibly unfair to the freep.

With that in mind expect to see people complain about you as you advance your warg and establish a name for yourself. What do you do about this animosity?

Embrace it.

You are playing a devious, blood thirsty beast that strikes from the shadows. If you are doing your job right you should expect so see people call you ‘lame’, an ‘ezmoder’ or worse. Wear these insults as a badge of honour.

I am not advocating deliberately annoying people that is neither fair nor fun and you should avoid it. However, the hate that our tactics and presence causes amongst freeps should be seen as a strength and a mark of success. Embrace the rage and draw strength from it.

Part II


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