A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Don’t Be An Arse – Part II

In the last part I was looking at things you should avoid doing on the Moors, but here I’ll be looking at what is permitted. Some of the following list will no doubt be contentious with some people saying that it is unfair to do this that or the next thing, but that’s the Ettens for you, you will never find 100% consensus on anything  in there.


These are freeps who haev gone afk (away from keyboard) in the middle of the Ettenmoors and personally I view them as viable targets. Now some will say that attacking someone who can’t fight back is unfair and on the face of it that seems true. However, consider the following: the Ettenmoors is a pvp zone where players come to fight and kill each other’s characters and if you don’t want your character to die in the Ettenmoors you should not go afk whilst in there. If you really need to go afk then you can return to one of the safe zones i.e. Glan Vraig for freeps and Gramsfoot for creeps. NO OTHER PLACE IN THE ETTENS IS SAFE!

Imagine a nature documentary where a pack of wolves are hunting a deer. If the deer decides to have a five minute rest in the middle of the wolves chasing it the wolves are not going to turn to one another and say “Hey chaps, he’s having a siesta for a few minutes, we’d better not attack because that’s jolly unfair of us”. No, the wolves would see that as an advantage and press home the attack! The same is true in the Ettenmoors because it is a constant cycle of looking to maximise your advantages whilst minimising your disadvantages. A freep going afk is giving you an advantage and it is in no way unfair to use that advantage.

Simply put, if you go afk in the Ettenmoors and get killed it’s your own fault.


Now this is something wargs are continuously accused of doing, sometimes accurately, but mostly inaccurately. Many wargs operate in packs because of the advantage it gives them in relation to their relatively weak solo abilities. As a result of this strategy many freeps think it terribly unfair when they are running around solo and suddenly half a dozen wargs (or more) jump out and kill them in 5 seconds flat. Again on the face of it this does seem very unfair, after all how is one freep supposed to defend themselves against half a dozen attackers?

As before there is something else to consider here and it is the exact same point I made before: the Ettenmoors is a pvp zone and if you enter it you have to expect to be killed and as a pvp zone not every fight is going to be a noble struggle to the death between two well matched opponents. Consider this; in war where one side has superior resources, firepower, technology, etc, does that superior force stop and help build up the other side so that they can fight as two evenly matched opponents? No, of course they don’t! They press their advantages to defeat their enemy. That’s exactly what a warg pack is doing, creating an advantage for themselves and using that advantage to win.

Rather than bemoaning how unfair it is a better response from a ganked freep would be to gather a group of allies together and try and hunt down that warg pack. That would be evening the odds, but for some reason you rarely see that happen.


These are players who, for whatever reason, are lagging whilst playing in the Ettenmoors. Perhaps they have a poor connection or their computer isn’t very well specced, etc, but whatever the reason the effect is the same. They will often not be able to keep up with the rest of the freeps properly and might not be able to use their skills properly, etc. All in all it means that they are not very effective at attacking creeps or in defending themselves. Like the afkers it seems very unfair to attack someone who can’t properly defend themselves.

Can you guess what I am going to say next? Yes, that’s right the Ettenmoors is a pvp zone and you shouldn’t enter if you don’t want to die and can’t play properly. It’s not the warg’s fault that you have an old computer or that you have a poor connection. It’s not the warg’s fault that you want to pvp, but can’t do so effectively because of hardware/software constraints. As before, the choice of the lagging player to enter a pvp zone whilst not being able to function properly is simply giving the opposing faction an advantage they can use.

I’ll provide a real world example again to help clarify the point. Imagine two opposing armies facing each other across a battlefield. Now imagine that one of those armies had some soldiers that only had one leg. What should the other army do? Hop on one leg if they came face to face with one of those one legged soldiers to even things out? No, of course not. Ok so it’s a rather silly example, but the point is that if you enter combat knowing you are not going to be as effective as other people there you can’t expect the opposing side to make exceptions for you.


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