A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Don’t Be An Arse – Part I

One of the biggest pitfalls on the Moors is knowing what is and what isn’t fair play. Yes I did use the term ‘fair play’ and yes I do play a warg and yes I realise some of you may not think those two things go together, but they do!

Now before I get into the who where why and when’s of it all let me start be saying that there is a difference between fair play and gimping yourself with ideas of chivalry that simply don’t have a place in the Ettens. Playing fair is a polite term for not being an arse. No one should be an arse towards other players because i) it isn’t nice and ii) it ruins other people’s enjoyment of the game. Would you want someone deliberately annoying you whilst you are trying to play? No, didn’t think so.

So what is considered bad form? Well lots of things really, but without writing a novel on it I’ll stick to some of the major transgressions that you should avoid. The following are all considered arsey behaviour and should be avoided:

Interrupting Spars – Typically an arsey warg will lurk around in stealth until the freep participant in a spar is low on morale and then run in for an easy kill. It’s easy infamy, but it’s also incredibly bad behaviour. If you didn’t know it was a spar then fair enough, but spars are usually reasonably easy to spot. Interrupting them will only earn you a bad reputation amongst your fellow creeps.

Camping Glan Vraig – This is when you lurk around the freep starting area waiting on freeps to ride out so you can pounce them. It’s considered bad form to do this because if freeps can’t even get out the door to get in and play they will likely just log off in frustration and then everyone looses. In practical terms it’s sort of pointless because the freeps while either just drag you into the one shotter npcs or form a gank squad to hunt you down.

Camping Graveyards – This is when you park yourself close to a rez circle in order to kill freshly spawned freeps returning from a battle. It’s considered bad form for pretty much the same reasons as camping Glan Vraig is and has the same practical limitations too. Now this isn’t to say you can’t position yourself on the route a freep might take riding away from a graveyard (at a suitable distance of course), but lying in wait right beside the rez circle is a poor showing and demonstrates a complete lack of skill on your part.

Those are the big three transgressions most players will agree are to be avoided. They are ‘unwritten rules’ so yes you don’t have to obey them as they are not Turbine’s/Codemaster’s rules, but if you do you will i) earn a bad reputation amongst your fellow players and ii) show that you have little real skill to properly stalk and kill prey the way a warg should.

In the next part I’ll be looking at some misconceptions surrounding what is permitted on the Moors …


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