A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Advanced Combat Tactics

There is more to combat than mere claws …

The warg gains a variety of debuffing skills as it ranks up and these can have a significant impact upon a fight, often swinging it in your favour.

Silence – One of the most useful debuff skills the warg gets comes nice and early at Rank1 in the form of ‘Throat Rip, which is basically a silence. Obviously the effectiveness of this skill varies with individual freep classes, but it has a few very important uses. Not only does it render a Lore-master near helpless until they cure it it also prevents Hunters using ‘Cry of the Predator’ on you, which is a fear that will render you unable to do anything for 10 seconds. It prevents Minstrels fearing you too. Try and get this silence applied as early in the fight as possible and make sure you re-apply it whenever possible.

Flesh Rend – The next debuff skill comes at Rank 4 and is called ‘Flesh Rend’. This increases the incoming melee and ranged damage your target takes by 10%. Obviously the earlier you apply this the better. This is an especially useful skill to use against high priority targets in raid situations e.g. healers or RATs.


As a warg you need to be devious, and at times underhanded. The following list is by no means a comprehensive list of tactics, but I have found these tactics to be useful over the years:

Bait – If you spot another creep running around by themselves take a moment or two to follow them. A lone creep is great bait for a freep to attack, especially if the creep is a green or blue ring. If a freep should pop up and attack let him waste his cooldowns on attacking the bait and then jump in and finish him off.

Bait can also be useful for establishing whether Burglars are present. Remember if the odds are against you don’t break stealth, leave the bait to die and get yourself to safety.

Landscape – The terrain can be your friend if used properly. As a warg you don’t want to be running around too much in combat, you want to be up close and in a freep’s face so try fighting in spaces where the freep can’t kite you much. It would be tempting to think you should pick small enclosed spaces, but always fight somewhere that has an avenue of escape!

Fighting uphill of an opponent can be handy at times because of camera angles. It’s possible, especially on a steep slope and with Hobbits and Dwarves, for the freep player to have an awkward camera angle or have to re-adjust his view, potentially giving you an edge.

NPCs – If possible try and drag a freep closer to friendly NPCs. Most will not fall for this except when you are very low on health as they will think they can get a quick kill and survive. The trick here is to to move towards the NPCs when your health goes down and use ‘Disappear’ to vanish whilst the freep now has the NPCs on him. Once the freep has suffered a suitable amount of damage to make the kill easy run in and stun him then finish him off.

Shark Attack – This  is a pack tactic and you will need at least 3 wargs to execute it, but more are preferable. How it works is the pack moves underneath a bridge controlled by the freeps whilst a lone warg runs onto the bridge and attacks a freep before jumping off the bridge. If one of the freeps follows and jumps off he will not only break his legs and be unable to parry or evade, but he will also have the entire pack waiting for him below.

Use Orcs – Orcs are great for doing the leg work whilst you sit back and watch the infamy roll in. In a farming situation, say at a bridge, where the freeps are moving forwards a little and then back a little position yourself so that when one of the freeps moves out just a little too far you run in pounce him and immediately run out. Hopefully the Blackarrows and Spiders get enough DoTs on him and the Reavers sacrifice enough of themselves to ensure a kill.

Dumb Pets – You can spot a n00b Lore-master a mile away because they will allow their pet to continue to attack you even if you are dragging it towards friendly NPCs. Once the pet is killed by the NPCs they run towards the Lore-master. This is especially effective inside a keep where you can drag a pet towards the Tyrant.


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